How to hack Facebook account?

Facebook is the biggest social networking website in the world which is developed by Mark Zuckerberg, who is a Harvard dropout. It is counted as one out of the Big Four technology company in the world. Facebook has become a daily dose for people nowadays and it has thus become an important platform for the advertisement by businesses as well.  Facebook has done a nice job in maintaining its presence for a long time and has given tough competition to its competitors throughout.

Facebook among youth

At Facebook there is a lot to do other than just updating your status, you can even play a lot of interesting games or can join a group conversation. You can play group games or one to one games with your friends; you can even share your high scores and brag of among your peer group. Facebook has so much data about its uses that you can know a lot about a person if you hack Facebook of that person. This is not a good thing to do but still, it’s prevalent among the youth and people try every possible trick to hack Facebook accounts of others.

Online Resources to Learn Account Hacking Tricks

There are many tools and resources present online to learn how to hack Facebook account, but most of them are fake and lack real tricks. It’s really difficult to find actual account hacking tricks because there are many gimmicks present and to choose the real one is a challenge. Some of the easiest ways to hack facebook accounts are:

  • Password recovery method- Its one of the easiest way to hack someone facebook account if you somehow get access to recovery mail or you can even try the option in which you can send password to 3 out of 5 friends saved by the user.
  • Use key logger- it’s a password which records key activities in your laptop, you can download it on other persons laptop and hide it, later you can track his password.
  • Man in the Middle Attack- it’s a technical procedure, in which you can connect a person to a fake WiFi network.
  • Phishing- it’s difficult but still a largely used method to hack Facebook
  • Using social engineering- you can use this method if you are good at guessing, and a very handy method if the account holder has created a weak password. Some common passwords people use are a birth year, marriage year, name of spouse, mobile numbers.

Hacking someone’s Facebook account is a risky thing to do, so you have to be really cautious and use a foolproof technique.