Online Movies Streaming Is A Threat To Movie Theatres

Have you watched any good movie lately? I am quite sure you have but maybe not in a movie theatre. Watching movies in the cinema was a craze for people back in time, but now it’s getting diminished day by day. Some time back, the competitor of movie theatres was television, but now the threat has become wide. Now you can watch movies even on your cell phones for which you need to have a good internet connection. A good internet connection is what almost all of us have in today’s generation. are launched nowadays for watching movies online. In these apps, you can watch movies anytime and anywhere whenever you feel like relaxing and having a break. Also, there are many sites on which you can watch any movie you want just by searching its name. All these online movies have become a threat to the cinema because of various reasons for more information visit here

Lack of Time: Everyone is so busy nowadays that they don’t even have time for their health and relationships. Watching movies in a theatre was once a favourite thing to do of most of the people, but now as already said everyone has a shortage of time; they want theatres to come to them and that’s why online movies streaming is becoming so popular that theatres are having a fear of being replaced.

Issue of Money: Buying movie tickets for cinema costs a huge amount of money, and middle-class people find it too expensive to watch movies in the cinema. Also, for poor people, it is unaffordable, and they try to find other ways of watching movies. Watching movies online is the best option for these kinds of people. Mobile apps launched for watching movies are of various types such as:

  • Some apps are free of cost, and you have to just install them in your phone and search the movie name, and then sit and enjoy.
  • For using some apps, you need to take a subscription for a year and then enjoy movies for the whole year.
  • Some apps give subscription monthly.

Convenience: Another reason why people choose watching online movies over watching movies in the cinema is of convenience. For doing every work, people try to find the most convenient way of doing work and apply it. This goes the same for the field of entertainment, watching movies on the mobile phone is very simple and easy where you don’t have to move outside your home and enjoy sitting on your couch.

Conclusion: As online movies streaming apps now releasing movies of their own also, they are going to give tough competition to movie theatres. After seeing all the above information about these apps like and sites, you can see that online movies are slowly going to take the place of watching movies in movie theatres. Sooner, a time may come when the upcoming generation will only be going to hear about movie theatres in stories. Mobile phones will be the new place for watching movies, and everyone will get entertained just on their mobile phones.